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55cm x 54cm
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Chinese Silk Embroidery,Long and Short Stitch,Satin Stitch,Silk Embroidery,Surface Stitchery,
Cushion Covers,

Physical Description

Cushion cover in gold coloured silk satin-weave fabric embroidered in long and short stitch and satin stitch using fine multicoloured silk floss. The embroidery depicts figurative scenes. There are three figures, two male, and one female. A dragon that looks to have a fish tail is depicted in the sea, also within the large roundel. The roundel is formed from two fine silk braids (cream and blue) applied with staggered stitches. Each corner outside the roundel is embroidered with a different symbolic motif. Upper left is a warrior spear, upper right has a bat and peach, lower left has an embroidered ruyi, a token given to a princess and a plum blossom, lower right is a calligraphy brush and peony. The embroidered fabric is fully lined with olive green silk fabric. Pale blue, green, gold and white silk floss has been used. Partly painted, which is exposed where there has been loss of embroidery.

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