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a. 14cm diam. b. 12cm diam.
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1920s
Registration Number
Bead Embroidery,
Ceremonial Objects,Food Covers,

Physical Description

a, b: Two ceremonial food covers, one medium sized and one small. Bowl shaped covers, extensively beaded and constructed of segments of Lontan palm leaf stitched together. The top of the cover has beading in floral patterns on woven cloth with additional sequins (most are missing) and coiled metal thread to form the veins of the leaf patterns. The beads are white glass, sewn on the bamboo segments in geometric patterns. The beads are old. The sequins are Indian and attached with fine metal wires threaded through then twisted into a bead shape to hold the sequin in place. From Lombok in Bali.

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